Safety and Security of Travel

Protect Yourself from Fanny Packs and 1.5 Star Hotels


When you hear the word ‘vacation,’ what do you immediately picture? Do you imagine exploring the Mayan ruins of Campeche? Perusing the cobblestone streets of Vatican City? Or perhaps the cerulean blue ocean of Placencia is more your style?  Each of these locations, and thousands like them, are tourist hotspots that thrive on travelers and the revenue they bring. According to the World Tourism Organization, there were 348 million international tourists (overnight visitors) between January and April 2016, which is a 5.3% (UNWTO 20162) increase from the same time period the previous year. The tourism industry has helped industrialize cities by providing a revenue flow and employment for locals and their businesses.  The fact that tourism is a livelihood for 1 in every 11 jobs (UNWTO 2016) makes sustaining this industry all the more important. Let’s all petition our bosses for more PTO in the interest of supporting the travel industry! Who’s with me? 

Safety and security of what you leave behind when you go on vacation is just as important as keeping yourself safe in unfamiliar areas. The age-old staples of simply being aware of your surroundings, hiding your cash in your sock, and blending in with the locals are effective to an extent, but in the times of identity theft, bold scammers, and even bolder pickpockets, it’s time to up your security game abroad and at home.  Members of the Electronic Security Association (ESA) are security professionals with the technology and know-how to alert you or the police if there is a problem at your home or business during your well-earned time away. 

It’s All About Appearances

The important thing to remember when you are on vacation is for your home or business to not appear like you are away. A great way to accomplish this little white lie is lighted motion sensors. These sensors are activated by, you guessed it, motion, and innovative electronic security companies have opened the door to how integrated these gadgets can be. Start by setting up motion sensors at all entrances, including any back doors, garages, and external buildings such as a shed or storage unit. The goal is to cover as much area as possible so any attempt to get close to an entry point of your home or business is immediately lit up, removing the shroud of darkness that ‘protects’ the criminal from being seen. Often, this simple action of lighting up an area will deter a criminal; after all, they are looking for the easy score. The illusion of being home when traveling can be solidified by linking indoor lights to your motion sensors. Not only will the perimeter light-up, your inside lights will follow. This furthers the impression that someone is home and has noticed the trespasser. If you have a habit of always turning your porch light on at dusk each day or dimming display spotlights, keep it up by setting up lighting schemes through your security system. Any thief casing your daily routine will go on assuming someone is home, just like always.

You Have a Monitored Security System, Right?

If you want to truly enjoy your vacation, securing your home or business is paramount and the key is to ensure you work with a professional security company that monitors your system for you. Assuming you will have access to WiFi while you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, do you really want to check in on your house via video surveillance every hour, on the hour? A security company can handle this for you and react appropriately to any situation. These businesses are trained and equipped to be your eyes and ears when you can’t be there and also give you the comforting knowledge that you can check in on your property for peace of mind when it is convenient for you. Trusted security companies offer monitoring services and are equipped to contact police or emergency responders quicker than you and communicate the situation in an efficient manner. Those few seconds it took you to realize two teenagers were cleaning out your record collection could make or break the recovery of your stolen property. It took you 20 years to curate that epic collection of vinyl!  Whether it’s a carbon monoxide leak or the neighborhood kids going for a midnight dip in your pool, ESA member companies are experts in situational awareness and handling security issues.

When you hear the words ‘travel’, ‘safety’, and ‘security’ in the same sentence, there is no need to fear the fanny pack, anymore. The electronic security and life safety industry has worked to provide travelers and tourists of all calibers the technology and equipment needed to manage and monitor their homes and businesses while they are away. To discover the full gamut of security strategy and technology for your home or business, locate an ESA member company near you by visiting and entering your zip code for a list of qualified companies in your area. 

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