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Smile, You’re On…Stored Video Analytics

  The dream of owning and managing a retail business is a noble one but theft, regardless of how it’s referred to, is something that each and every retail business is aware of, can suffer from, and should take action to prevent. The loss of product, no matter the form, hurts a business. But there are lesser known side effects from theft that shoplifters, or any thief for that matter, probably don’t consider. Shoplifting overburdens police departments and court systems across the country. Read more. 

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens...


The field of electronic security is growing fast and smart locks are a leading factor in that development. A smart lock is just what the name implies. It has the same components as the lock in your front door right now; a lock mechanism and a key. Smart locks are sleek, high-tech, and full of functionality you didn’t know you needed. But it’s the flexibility, connectivity, and access monitoring that increases your safety and security. Read More. 

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