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Security Tech on College Campuses: 

Students Aren’t the Only Thing Getting Smarter  

  Since 2013, there have been 185 school shootings, 83 of which took place on a college or university campus. Security directors, school officials, and students are rising up against the pattern of safety and security risks to stop the ‘normalization’ of campus security threats. To do this, they are turning to security technology.  There is a three-pronged method commonly used in securing a college campus: mass communication, access control, and video surveillance.  
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Restaurant Security:

The Employee You Don’t Have to Put on the Payroll


It’s no secret that opening a restaurant is dicey, and to be fair, starting any business assumes at least a minimal level of risk. But there is something about the restaurant biz that makes it difficult for ‘restaurentreprenuers’ to be successful. An all-compassing security plan implemented by a security company that is a member of the Electronic Security Association (ESA) can work for your business in more ways than ever before! 

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