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 Set Yourself up For Success: A Security Conversation With Your HOA


Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are the epitome of a love-hate relationship. If HOA’s had a Facebook page, the relationship status would read “it’s complicated.” They protect the value of your neighborhood through rules and bylaws that stop things like bright neon houses and broken lawn mowers being stored in the front yard. But HOAs can limit your eclectic landscaping, use fees on vague “upgrades” and place boundaries on external home security measures. Let’s not even broach the subject of approval processes. Read more.

Three Ways to Use Video Surveillance in Faith-Based Facilities 

Video surveillance systems for a faith-based organization can detect and deter criminal activity and shed light on risk vulnerabilities. We already know that video surveillance set up by a qualified security professional is an important piece to an overall security plan. Unfortunately, faith-based facilities are often targets of vandalism or worse. In the world of non-profits, it’s important to get a user-friendly system that offers a great value while doing more than just the basics. Read more

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